Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Treats for all

Christmas, by far is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about Christmas.  The colors, presents, candies, all the decorations, but most of all the mood and attitude of the people. I like it that people smile more and are more giving.  It makes me an all around better person as well.  Anyways, I wanted to share  some little craft projects that I did for my wonderful students on the last week of school before winter break.  As I said before, they threw me a surprise birthday party last month.  So I wanted to do something as equally nice for them.  I came up with - giving them a little gift everyday of the week.  Here it is....

Monday- Snowman Pretzal

You find these cute little Christmas tags HERE.

Yummy chocolate covered pretzels. 
I had a great time making these little snowman pouches.  It's very easy to make, but it took a few days because I made about 45 of them.  You can see a youtube video on how to make one HERE!  She said to use a certain size envelope, which I don't have so I substituted with a regular No. 9.  Cut the envelope in half to make two snowman.  Just cut it at 41/2 inches in from both ends so the snowman's head will still look proportioned.

I wrapped up the pretzels in a cellophane bag and then stuffed it inside the envelope.  The cello bags were cheap.  40 for $1.00 at $tree.  Best deal ever! I bought like 5 packs.  I plan on doing more chocolate coverd yummies.  They aren't  the usual pretzal stick cellophane bags.  The size was about 4X6, but it fit my smaller pretzals perfectly.  I actually went looking for the regular sized pretzal sticks and didn't find any at Walmart.  So, I bought a smaller sized pretzal pack to practice on and I couldn't be more happier.  Everything just worked out great. 

Tuesday - S'more Love for You
Saw this picture on Pinterest.  Loved it!  Thought it was a cute and simple little gift that I could do.  So I did.  I forgot to take pictures of mine after bagging them all up.  Below is the tag I made to go with the yummy stuff.  It's saved as a PDF, so you could right click and save as if you want it.  I just used one of my circle punchers to punch out the tag.  

Wednesday- Candy in Pouch

All I did was cut strips of papers (big enough for the fun size chocolate candy bars and Pixy Stix) to fit inside.  Fold the the paper and glue the sides.

Thursday - Hygiene Pack

 I teach 5th graders, so good hygiene is really important.  They're at the beginning of their growing years.  I started the day with a  hygiene lesson.  Explained the importance of staying clean and healthy.  We also watched a great video and sang a song from United Streaming Videos.   At the end of the day, they reviewed all that they learned and then I passed out the gift.  My sister in law is really good at couponing.  So, I asked her if she could donate some stuff.  She bought everything for all of my students (Thanks Patty!). They really liked it. 

Friday- Hot Cocoa

Just put a packet of hot chocolate, some marshmellows, a candy cane, a straw (optional) in a cup and bag it up.  Tie the sweet hot cocoa poem on it and voila!  Below is a copy of one of the poems I made.

There you have it.  I had a lot of fun making these little gifts.  My students are very sweet and deserved it.

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