Sunday, July 22, 2012

Antonym and Synonym Flash Cards (free printables)

Hi everyone.  I recently opened up a TPT (teachers pay teachers) account.  Just to try a few things here and there.  I uploaded a couple of things.  Antonyms (opposites) and synonyms (same meaning) flash cards.  These cards can be used individually, with a partner or in small groups.  You could play a memory/match game with these words. Hope you can find it useful.  Thanks for downloading.

You can download the antonym cards for free HERE!

You can download the synonym cards for $1.00 HERE!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Behavioral Chart

I have worked on this behavioral chart for a day and a half .  Crazy! I know.  I've been thinking of going back to using this old discipline method for my next school year.  Of course, all it is - is if a student misbehaves  he/she then has to move a card back (until the last card is showing - which means - phone call home to mom and dad).  
However, I didn't want to use my lame old pocket chart.  Which I have no idea where it is.  So I started googling for some ideas and came upon some beautiful library pockets from Thoughts of a Cardmaking.  Totally inspiring! Gorgeous pockets.  Too pretty to have in the class room, but I wanted to make it anyways .  So I did.

Here are the steps to the 34 of 36 library pockets I made.  Two of them are from $Dollar Tree.  Yes, they do sell them.  It comes in a packet of 10 pockets (hot pink, neon green, aqua, and bright yellow and orange).  My classroom colors this year are aqua, light/bright green, and black.  I didn't feel like buying 17 packets just to use the two aqua pockets from each packet.  So I thought I would buy a packet to use as a template to make my own pockets. 

1.  Cut cardstock paper at 5 5/8 inches X 7 6/8 inches
2.  Lay paper horizontally (just like the above picture) and score at 1 inch and at 4 3/8 inches.  This is where you will fold later.

3.  Turn the paper vertically (the tall way) and score at 5/8 of and inch and at 4 3/8 inches. 

4.  Cut out the corners that are colored in red. 

5.  This is what it looks like after you cut the 3 corners out (turn it back horizontally).

6.  Fold at 1inch and 4 3/8 inches (where you scored earlier) and the bottom part.

7.  I used my 2 1/2 inch circle puncher to punch out a piece from the front of the pocket.  Which will make it easier to stick cards in and out.

8.  Before punching.  I turned the paper upside-down so it's easier to punch.  I also turned my puncher around so I can see how much I need to punch off.

9.  Fold and glue to form the pocket.  You might need to make some adjustments in cutting a little here in there or refolding certain parts before gluing the flaps.  
10.  You could keep the corners the way they are or punch them.  I used my corner puncher to round them off. 

11. Embellish it!  I did a lot of stamping and gluing of flowers and buttons. I then glued the pockets onto a black poster paper, but you could just staple them onto your wall or wherever.  This doesn't have to be used for a behavioral chart.  It could be a count down advent calendar to any holiday or used as a gift card holder.  There you have it. Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Classroom Decoration 2012

It's that time of year again!  I love having a few weeks off.  I get to sit around and plan what I want my classroom to look like when school starts.  I love to craft so this is really exciting for me.  Especially, since I'v been seeing so many awesome classroom ideas.  I've started on a few things I'd like to share.  My color theme is aqua, black and a little lime-ish green.  First up is a 5th grade goal banner I created using my scrapbook software. 
I always start out the year by having my students set goals for themselves.   So I figured, why not make our goals decorative and visible since we have to revisit them often.  Students will have a chance to discuss and come up with their own goals for the school year.  They will then write on the square given.  You  can find the printables HERE!

This here is a bragging display of student work.  I had some plastic meter stick that has been passed down to me as trash.  Waiting to be used somehow.  So I decided to spray paint it and hot glue clothes pins to clip student work.  It can be used to display anything.  Student writing, artwork, picutres, A+ math test, ect....  However, I am going to pin an All About Me page.  Which they will complete the first week of school.  I plan on keeping it up all year.  As teachers know, once school starts.  There really isn't anytime to change your bulletin boards throughout the year.

A quick tutorial on how I made this.  First, you'll need to spray paint the plastic meter stick ( or a piece of long wood, or metal.  Whatever you can find around the house/classroom) to what color you desire.  I used black to coordinate with my classroom colors.  Then cut pattern papers to glue on top of the clothes pins to make it decorative.  Measurements of the pieces are 3/8 X 2 7/8 inches.  I have seen pictures where crafters paint their clothes pins, glitter glue their pins or dye their pins.  Do it however you like.  Then just hot glue the pins on the meter stick.  Depending on what you want to display.  The distance between each pin will be different.  I plan on clipping only 8 X 11 1/2 papers. 
To make the measuring of where to glue the pin easier.  Lay down where you want the paper to be  when finished.  Then, simply eyeball the middle of the paper - place the pin on that spot and glue it down. 
 I made 8 of these meter sticks to go across the room. As to how to put these up -I will be nailing the ends of the meter stick onto my classroom wall. 

As for these file containers I just glued paper on top of paper to make it look a little more appealing on the bookshelves.  Thanks for visiting!