Saturday, July 21, 2012

Behavioral Chart

I have worked on this behavioral chart for a day and a half .  Crazy! I know.  I've been thinking of going back to using this old discipline method for my next school year.  Of course, all it is - is if a student misbehaves  he/she then has to move a card back (until the last card is showing - which means - phone call home to mom and dad).  
However, I didn't want to use my lame old pocket chart.  Which I have no idea where it is.  So I started googling for some ideas and came upon some beautiful library pockets from Thoughts of a Cardmaking.  Totally inspiring! Gorgeous pockets.  Too pretty to have in the class room, but I wanted to make it anyways .  So I did.

Here are the steps to the 34 of 36 library pockets I made.  Two of them are from $Dollar Tree.  Yes, they do sell them.  It comes in a packet of 10 pockets (hot pink, neon green, aqua, and bright yellow and orange).  My classroom colors this year are aqua, light/bright green, and black.  I didn't feel like buying 17 packets just to use the two aqua pockets from each packet.  So I thought I would buy a packet to use as a template to make my own pockets. 

1.  Cut cardstock paper at 5 5/8 inches X 7 6/8 inches
2.  Lay paper horizontally (just like the above picture) and score at 1 inch and at 4 3/8 inches.  This is where you will fold later.

3.  Turn the paper vertically (the tall way) and score at 5/8 of and inch and at 4 3/8 inches. 

4.  Cut out the corners that are colored in red. 

5.  This is what it looks like after you cut the 3 corners out (turn it back horizontally).

6.  Fold at 1inch and 4 3/8 inches (where you scored earlier) and the bottom part.

7.  I used my 2 1/2 inch circle puncher to punch out a piece from the front of the pocket.  Which will make it easier to stick cards in and out.

8.  Before punching.  I turned the paper upside-down so it's easier to punch.  I also turned my puncher around so I can see how much I need to punch off.

9.  Fold and glue to form the pocket.  You might need to make some adjustments in cutting a little here in there or refolding certain parts before gluing the flaps.  
10.  You could keep the corners the way they are or punch them.  I used my corner puncher to round them off. 

11. Embellish it!  I did a lot of stamping and gluing of flowers and buttons. I then glued the pockets onto a black poster paper, but you could just staple them onto your wall or wherever.  This doesn't have to be used for a behavioral chart.  It could be a count down advent calendar to any holiday or used as a gift card holder.  There you have it. Thanks for reading!

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