Monday, October 3, 2011

You’ve Been Booed!

I love doing this.  Cant’ wait for it every year.  If you have never been booed - Here’s the scoop.  If you’re the first person to start- all you have to do is print out the two papers below (a poem about being booed on Halloween and the direction on what to do next).  Grab some goodies and secretly give it to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker.  This will spread quickly and soon enough everyone will have gotten a treat.  If you like to be creative – instead of just printing the directions and poem on plain, boring, white paper.  You could print it on fun festive Halloween papers, stamp Halloween stuff all over your white papers, or even  make it into a card and then send it off.  This year I retyped it to fit in a card I made. 

I upload the documents if you wanted to make it fancy yourself or you could use a few I made (for personal use only please).  Just click the picture to enlarge it.  Save as and print.  Enjoy!

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