Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twilight! Twilight! Twilight!

For the last 3 years I've read Twilight with my students (after CST testing of course). Every year I get so excited and can't wait for my students to enjoy the book as I do. It all started when another teacher from my school (who was also in love the the Twilight series) wanted to incoporate the book into her classroom as part of her reading component. When I heard of this, I begged the principal to allow me to do it too. Oh, I was sooo happy. Thanks to Nou, we sat down and planned wonderful Twilight themed lessons. We used mainly GLAD strategies. Which is all about student motivation and engagement. There were chants, poems, big books and many more. The best part was having a Twilight movie party at the end. So much fun! We also made t-shirts with ironed on pictures of the actors for every student. Below are some pictures from this years Twilight Party in May.

A friend of mine did the awesomely disgusting vampire blood on the cupcakes (thanks Xee).  Below is a scrapbook mini I did to give away as a prize to an excellent student, who participated throughout the whole thing and scored high on all tests/quizes.

I liked this mini so much that I had to make myself one as well.

Below is a Twilight banner I hung in the classroom.



  1. What a FABULOUS idea - and I love all your black and white papers. Your students are SO LUCKY!! :)

  2. Thanks Rebecca. You're too sweet.