Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gifts for Teacher Friends

I like to give a little of something to my teacher friends on the first day of school.  It’s fun for me to make and I hope it’s fun for those who receives it ;D 

I filled these little purse things with a decorated sticky note pad, sticky note cover, binder clips, some circle punched whiteboard magnets, clear rock magnets and Chocolates.  If they don't like the teacher stuff, they'll at least like the chocolates.  Everyone likes chocolate, Right?.  Well, except for me.  I don't care for it, but I love receiving it so I could give it away to my kids or students :)

I had a stencil for this box.  So I traced and cut out about 9 of these things.

I kept hearing about "Pinterest" through blogs.  So, one boring July day, I decided to investigate and find out what it was.  Well, if you don't know what "Pinterest" is.  You too, have to check it out.  I LOVE Pinterest.  It's like, my very own humongous personal flash drive online.  I can save any great ideas I find online - all on one file.  Mine.  You can categorize your findings however you want.  I have a special one just for gifts for teachers and friends.  I have been soooo inspired by so many.  I don't have the time to sit and think of creative things (or it could just be that I'm not that creative. Period ).  But, some of these teacher gifts are from those very talented people.  You can find some examples of the note pads from Kerry's Paper Crafts, OR Next to Heaven. Follow me HERE on Pinterest if you too want to be inspired.
As for these binder clips, you just simply cut the paper to fit the clip and then glue.

Some more post it note pads

This was a last minute present I put together for my son's new teacher's first day of school gift.  I saw this idea from some very talented ladies on eighteen25.

Can't leave my students out.  I wrapped up pencils, stencils, stickers, erasers, hard candy that can last all year, and some mini toys for their birthday gift on their special day.  I made enough for those kids' whose birthdays are in the summer.  They will receive their's then.

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