Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remodeled Book Shelf

Another inspiration from Pinterest. When I saw this picure I knew I had to try it.  Espcially, when I have a couple of Walmart's cheap fake (laminate) wood book shelves.

  cheap Walmart shelf

I knew it was hard to keep paint on laminate wood, so before painting, I had to do some reseach.  I came across a few good ideas, but stuck to this one because it didn't require me to sand anything.  I like to do things that are quick and easy.  First, you need to purchase a primer that will stick onto the laminate and what ever paint color of your choice.  I chose a flat black.  Someone swore that Zinsser's primer was the best. 

On the back of the shelf, I used a black and white damask wrapping paper I bought from Michaels. You will also need to get Mod Podge for glueing and Mod Podge clear sealer for after.

1. Prime the book shelf.  Its best to paint a scond or third coat for best result.

2. Once the primer is dry (following the drying instruction on the can) - you may begin painting the color you want.  3. The back of the book shelf came with a thick cardboard backing.  I layed the cardboard flat on the floor and covered it with the wrapping paper.  4. Then Mod Podge it down.  I also put a layer of Mod Podge on the top to get a nice glossy look.  5. Once it's dry - spray the sealer on.  6. Nail the board back on to the shelf.


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